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Do you suffer from allergies or asthma, or other lung problems?  If so, an air purifier is a great addition to your home.  What does an air purifier do?  With an air purifier, it is possible to remove some of the particles from the air that can cause you to experience lung problems.  Air purifiers are used by millions to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma.  They not only make your home a more pleasant environment, but one that is healthier as well. 

What kinds of particles can the best air purifiers take out of the air?  A high-quality room air purifier will remove dust, tobacco smoke and pollen from the air, but note that an air purifier generally is not adequate to remove volatile organic compounds or gaseous pollutants like adhesives.  Reading air purifiers reviews can help you find the best air purifier for a particular purpose.

Features to Look For:

  • Size and Portability.  Some air purifiers are lighter weight and easier to move from room to room than others.  A room air purifier may not be able to service your entire house, but if it is easy to move, it is often all you need.  If you do need to purify the air in all the rooms of your home simultaneously, consider a whole house air purifier instead.  You may also purchase a car air purifier if you are looking for a smoke air purifier or allergy air purifier for your vehicle. 
  • Noise Level.  Look for a quiet room air purifier which isn’t going to cause an irritating amount of noise.  Reading room air purifier reviews can help you discover whether a given device performs to the specifications listed. 
  • Indicators.  You need to routinely replace the filters in your air purifier, so look for a purifier that includes an indicator that tells you when it is time to replace them.  Make sure that the indication is actually based on how dirty the filter is, and not simply on how long the device has been running.  
  • Odor Removal Features.  Some people like these, while others don’t.  They generally are not all that effective, and probably should be low on your priority list. 
  • Certification Information.  This tells you how well an air purifier can potentially perform.  
  • Ozone.  These days, something called an “ozone air purifier” is very much in vogue.  An ozone air purifier sends out ozone particles into the air.  This is actually a byproduct of the particle removal process, which uses an electrostatic precipitator.  It is also possible to purchase an ozone air purifier which produces extra ozone by design.  Studies suggest however that an ozone air purifier may worsen certain health conditions, so it is best to avoid a unit that creates large amounts of ozone. 
  • Ionizing Air Purifiers.  An ionic air purifier is a type of air purifier regularly confused with an ozone generator.  While the two devices work based on similar principles, an ionic air purifier will not produce dangerous quantities of ozone.  So if you are looking for a device that uses electrostatically charged plates, opt for an ionic air purifier instead of an ozone air purifier.  An ionic air purifier will provide you with safer, more effective performance. 
  • Other Technology.  How do air purifiers work?  There are many variations on the technology used in these devices.  HEPA air filters are considered the industry standard, but you can also buy filterless units.  You also may want to look for a UV air purifier or water air purifier.  What is the best air purifier?  It is the one which provides you with the technological solution that fits your particular needs.  Whether you are looking for the best HEPA air purifier or another type of air purifier, we’ve got you covered.  
  • Air Purifier for Smokers.  Not all air purifiers are ideal for removing smoke from the air, so you will want to search for an air purifier smoke solution.  Some companies specifically make air purifiers for smokers which can improve the quality and odor of the air in your home or car.  An air purifier smoke removal system can boost quality of life for the other occupants of your home.  

Air Purifier Reviews

Do air purifiers work?  They are often recommended by doctors to their patients, and many air purifiers have proven their efficacy in testing scenarios.  Not all home air purifiers are equally effective, though.  Some air purifiers are definitely better than others, particularly in different categories.  The best air purifier for allergies may not be the same as the best air purifier for mold.  The best air purifier for dust may be different from the best air purifier for smoke.  If you own a dog or cat, you also may be looking for the best air purifier for pets.

Whatever purpose you are planning to use your air purifier for, and whether you are searching for a room air purifier or a whole house air purifier, reading air purifier reviews can help you to find the best air purifier for your needs.  The search for the best air purifier just got easier.  We’re here to help you make an informed decision, and have taken the time to go through air purifier reviews on to bring together the top air purifiers by popular companies.  In particular, we think you may want to check out an Alen air purifier, Austin air purifier, Holmes air purifier, or Honeywell air purifier.  A Therapure air purifier may also be ideal, depending on your needs.  We particularly recommend a HEPA filter air purifier by any quality brand name, since that is the highest standard of quality out there for air filters.

Acurite Humidity Monitor      

In this brand category, we recommend the AcuRite 613 Indoor Humidity Monitor.  This device isn’t actually a small air purifier, but a small gauge you can use to check the quality of your air at any time.  It costs between $8 and $11, and can be a helpful tool for monitoring your air and the effectiveness of any personal air purifier you buy.

Alen Air Purifier

The Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier costs between $580 and $620, and is well worth a look if you are shopping for an Alen Air Purifier.  This whole house air purifier is reasonably priced and comes with outstanding customer reviews.  SmartSensor Technology automatically detects airborne particles and removes them, making it perhaps the best air purifier for dust and allergies.

Austin Air Purifier 

The Austin Health Mate HM450+ Black Air Purifier With 4-Stage Filter is a very highly rated whole house air purifier.  This unit is priced similarly to the Alen Air Purifier above, and has the same customer rating average (currently about 4.5 stars).  You can’t go wrong with an Austin air purifier.

Blueair Air Purifier 

Blueair is well known in this industry, and anyone looking for quality should consider a Blue Air purifier.  This company makes a number of the best air purifiers, including the Blueair 203 GO SMOKESTOP Air Purifier and the Blueair 270E HEPASilent Digital Air-Purification System.  If you are looking for a HEPA air purifier, you will want to check out the entire line including the Blueair 403 HEPASilent Air-Purification System and the Blueair 450E HEPASilent Digital Air-Purification System.  Some of the best HEPA air purifier reviews focus on the Blueair 503 HEPASilent Air-Purification System and the Blueair 603 HEPASilent Air-Purification System.

While shopping for a Blue Air purifier, also have a look at the Blueair 650E Digital HEPASilent Air Purifier.  A HEPA air purifier will offer you quiet, powerful performance, and HEPA air purifier reviews indicate that these are some of the best air purifiers on the market.

Coway Air Purifier 

By this brand, we recommend a couple of different air purifiers, the Coway AP-1012GH Smart Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA & Eco Mode.  Coway, like Blueair, is a great brand if you want to buy a HEPA air purifier.

Crane Air Purifier 

The Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is not only designed with an aesthetically pleasing futuristic drop shape, but also provides outstanding performance at a low price.  It is one of the top air purifiers in the $40 to $60 price range.  Read each air purifier review for this device, and we think you will find that the Crane Drop Shape unit has a lot to offer.

Fellowes Air Purifier

While you are shopping for a HEPA air purifier, we recommend looking at the Fellowes AP-300PH Quiet Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter.  This is a great personal air purifier.  It is not a whole house air purifier, but it is ideal for large rooms.  It may be the best HEPA air purifier out there.

Germ Guardian Air Purifier

Looking for the best air purifier for allergies?  The Germ Guardian is highly rated in this category.  We recommend the Germ Guardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA or the Germ Guardian AC5000E 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA.  Want the best air purifier for pets?  Try the Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Digital Air Cleaning System with Pet Pure Treatment.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier

If you want the best air purifier for dust or pets, try either the Hamilton Beach 04383 True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner or the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier.  Either is a great deal, and provides excellent performance.

Holmes Air Purifier 

Thinking about a Holmes air purifier?  According to Holmes air purifier reviews, several devices by this brand are worthy of consideration.  Consider Holmes HAP242-UC HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier for a small air purifier.  For an air purifier for allergies, try either the Holmes HAP726-U Allergen Remover for Medium Rooms or the Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover for Very Large Rooms allergy air purifier.  Holmes air purifier reviews make it clear that this brand makes high quality products, and a Holmes air purifier won’t do you wrong.

Honeywell Air Purifier

A Honeywell air purifier can be a great addition to your home, particularly if you are looking for a HEPA filter air purifier.  Honeywell air purifier reviews indicate that this is one of the best overall brands in the industry.  A Honeywell HEPA air purifier can provide you with the best filter performance and results.  Read on to discover some of our favorite options for a Honeywell air purifier based on Honeywell air purifier reviews.

For a Honeywell HEPA air purifier, you have a number of choices.  These include the Honeywell 16200 Platinum Air HEPA Air Purifier as well as the Honeywell 50150-N Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier.  You also will want to check out the Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier.  The Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter is a nice little portable air purifier.  Two more popular options include the Honeywell HPA-150 HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier and the similar Honeywell HPA-050 Black True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover.  Another good choice is the Honeywell HHT-090 Permanent HEPA Filter Tower Air Purifier.

Need an allergy air purifier?  Any of the units above would provide you with great results.  Also have a look at the Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier.  Another great humidifier and purifier is the Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare 9-Gallon Output Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology.  The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA100 is another great choice, as is the Honeywell HPA-300 True HEPA Allergen Remover.

Looking for something that runs quietly?  Try the Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter or have a look at the air purifier reviews for the Honeywell HFD-120-Q Quietclean Tower Air Purifier.  If you want an odor reducing air purifier, the Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer may fit the bill.

Hoover Air Purifier

We recommend either the Hoover WH10100 Air Purifier or the Hoover WH10600 Air Purifier with TiO2 Technology Neither unit is expensive.  The more expensive TiO2 is available for less than $170.  The WH10100 sells for around $60 to $90, and has even better customer reviews.

Ionic Pro Air Purifier

The Ionic Pro TA500 Room Air Purifier may be worth a look.  This ionizer air purifier costs $140 to $200, and is an air purifier for allergies.  It is also a filterless air purifier.  A filterless air purifier offers you the advantage of never having to spend money on new filters.  Customer reviews are mixed, though, so read through them thoroughly and remember to compare this ionizer air purifier with others.

Iqair Air Purifier 

Have a look at the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier and the IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier.  These two full home air purifiers are relatively large and heavy, but they can cover up to 1,125 square feet.  Either one may qualify as the best whole home air purifier you are going to find, especially if you want a comprehensive air purifier for mold, allergens, gasses, and more.

Lasko Air Purifier 

While you are searching for the best air purifier for mold, have a look at the Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan With Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer or the Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer.  Both units have a slender tower design which makes either perfect as a portable air purifier.

Oransi Air Purifier

The Oransi v-HEPA Max Air Purifier is one of the most expensive room air purifiers we have seen, but it has great customer reviews and incredibly quiet performance.  An activated carbon filter helps to screen out gases and odors.  For a tower-shaped model, have a look at the Oransi v-HEPA Finn Air Purifier.

Safety 1st Humidifier

The Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Degree Humidifier is a small, inexpensive water air purifier.  While it sells for only $20 to $40, it is one of the top rated air purifiers on the market.

Surround Air Purifier

The Surround Air XJ-3800 Large Intelligent Air Purifier is one of the most feature-rich room air purifiers we have looked at.  The device uses a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, ionizer, and several other types of technology to provide comprehensive purification.  Check out the room air purifier reviews for this device and you will be impressed.

Therapure Air Purifier

A Therapure air purifier is another good choice for a HEPA air purifier.  Two models catch our attention, the Therapure TPP240 Permanent HEPA type Air Purifier, and the Therapure TPP440 Permanent HEPA type Air Purifier.  Both sell in the $110 to $160 range.  If you are looking for a UV air purifier that combines HEPA with UV technology, the TPP240 is a perfect choice.  Any one of these may be the best HEPA air purifier.

Vicks Humidifier

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off is a great option for a room air purifier.  The Vicks UV 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier is also a great choice for portable air purifier.

Whirlpool Air Purifier

In this category, have a look at the air purifier reviews for the Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner as well as the Whirlpool AP45030K Whispure Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner.  Both are room air purifiers, but effective enough to use for a small apartment.

Winix Air Purifier 

The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology is perfect for a household with pets, and is also great at cleaning smoke out of the air.  It may be the best air purifier for smoke.  Also consider the similar Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model, or even the Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology.

What does an air purifier do?  Simply put, the best home air purifier will make your living space a healthier one.  Shopping for home air purifiers does take some research in order to identify the best air purifier.  The best air purifier depends in part upon your needs.  You need to start by asking yourself whether you need a smoke air purifier, an air purifier for mold, or one which is ideal for allergies or another application.  You also need to consider where you want to use the device.  Do you need a whole home air purifier or the best room air purifier?  What about a car air purifier?

What is the best air purifier?  Reading customer reviews can help you to narrow down your search once you make a list of features you need.  Testimonials are great for answer the question, “Do air purifiers work?”  Search through the top rated air purifiers and read air purifiers reviews, and you will be able to hone in on the best room air purifier or whole house air purifier for your needs.  Once you do, don’t forget to leave an air purifier review of your own to help others to identify the best home air purifier!

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