Austin Air HealthMate Pre-Filter 400 Series (Black)

 Austin Air HealthMate Pre-Filter 400 Series (Black) Buy Now on

Austin Air HealthMate Pre-Filter 400 Series (Black) , selling for $27.49 brand new. Manufactured by Austin Air. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Intend to be cleaned from the exterior, eliminating expensive 3 month filter changes.
  • Pre-filter lock in larger particles before entering the inner filtering process.

Austin Air products, time after time, are rated as the best in their category during government and independent third-party testing. Austin Air utilizes commercial filter technology in addition to military and medical filter technology, to ensure the greatest protection from air pollutants such as airborne particles, chemicals, gases and odors. As the world’s largest air cleaning manufacturer, they are proud to stand behind their products with the best warranty in the industry.

Austin Air HealthMate Pre-Filter 400 Series (Black)

Buy Now on

Buy for $27.49 brand new

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