K&N 69-3517TS Performance Intake Kit

 K&N 69-3517TS Performance Intake Kit Buy Now on Amazon.com

K&N 69-3517TS Performance Intake Kit was listed on Amazon for $538.92, selling for $296.99 USD brand new. Manufactured by K&N Engineering. There are 44 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 1 left on Amazon starting at $325.71.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Estimated horsepower gain of 9.97 HP at 5872 RPM
  • Designed to improve throttle response and engine sound
  • Easy to install, usually in 90 minutes or less
  • Replaces stock air intake system
  • Lasts up to 100,000 miles before service is required (depending on driving conditions)

K&N Typhoon Air Intake Systems Built for performance and show, the Typhoon Air Intake System is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to fit many sport compact performance vehicles and muscle cars. Each kit is proven on a rear-wheel dynamometer to increase horsepower and torque. Typhoon intakes come in one of three designs; cold air intakes, short ram intakes, or complete cold air intakes which can be configured as either a cold air intake or a short ram intake. They come with an oversized High-Flow conical air filter designed to provide increased surface area and dust capacity. This extra surface area provides even more airflow at lower restriction than a standard K&N O/E replacement filter that is limited to the size of the factory air box. The oversize air filter also captures more dirt increasing the service life before a cleaning is required (up to 100,000 miles). Air intake systems are easy to install. A typical installation can be done with a screwdriver, pliers and a ratchet-set in 90 minutes or less. K&N specifically engineered kits to use existing factory holes and mounting points, making installation simple. The vast majority of cold air intakes do not require any cutting or drilling. How High-Flow Technology Works The K&N Typhoon Air Intake System increase horsepower by eliminating airflow obstruction in your engine. Restriction of air flow between an air filter and an engine robs even the most powerful engine of horsepower. K&N air intake kits virtually eliminate air path restriction by replacing the standard air filter and the entire air path to the engine. The aerodynamically engineered conduit that makes up the Typhoon Air Intake System drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which translates into power. This conduit begins with an oversized conical high-flow air filter. This larger filter can fit into the engine compartment using factory holes and mounting points because the Typhoon Air Intake System replaces your stock intake tube, and air box. On many Typhoon Air Intake Systems, the oversize air filter is isolated from high engine temperature by a heat shield designed to lower the temperature of the air entering the engine, which increases horsepower. High-Flow Air Intake Systems since 1992 A high quality performance intake system is one of the best dollars to horsepower investments you can make and once again K&N is the clearly defined leader. K&N manufactures over 500 different part numbers and is constantly designing, building and testing new systems.

K&N 69-3517TS Performance Intake Kit

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Starting at $325.71 used

Buy for $296.99 brand new

Save 45% ($241.93) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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