Negative Ion Projector (A True Negative Ion Generator / Air Ionizer)

 Negative Ion Projector (A True Negative Ion Generator / Air Ionizer) Buy Now on

Negative Ion Projector (A True Negative Ion Generator / Air Ionizer) , selling for  brand new. Manufactured by Mystic Marvels LLC. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • -8 to -10 kilovolts of electrostatic output produces an ion density of at least 1,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter at 3 feet away (the negative ion concentration near Niagara Falls is about 100,000 ions per cc).
  • Runs very quiet (only a faint “hiss” from the ion emitter) and produces virtually no ozone (actually, any commercially available negative ion generator that uses needlepoint ion technology, including this product, will not produce any significant amount of ozone.)
  • Power consumption is EXTREMELY low (it would take 150 of these units to equal the power consumption of one standard 75 watt light bulb). Please Note: This product was made to be operated 24/7 and does not contain an ON/OFF switch. To power the unit, just plug it in.
  • This product was not made in China but here in the U.S. The internal circuitry is robust and is made to last for many years. Don’t let the small size of the product lead you to underestimate its performance. The unit is tiny but mighty…and it was made to last. Unit is constructed with flame retardant ABS plastic, RoHS Compliant components (lead-free), and lead-free solder.
  • Includes Instruction Manual and free Ion Detector. Is covered by a two year warranty.

Before making your purchase, please read the entire description. This product does not produce ozone so don’t expect that fresh air smell that ozone generators create. Some air cleaners are deliberately designed to produce that fresh air smell but not without producing a fair amount of ozone. This is strictly an ion generator and will dramatically increase ion concentration in any given room, but it will not create that fresh air smell.

There are many ionic air cleaners on the market but few of them actually spray negative ions into the air. If the negative ion output is not specified, chances are it is not a true negative ion generator. Don’t get me wrong – ionic air cleaners that have internal dust collection plates are great for cleaning the air but they do not actually add any “vitality” to the air. Also, be aware that most ozone generators are not true negative ion generators (they will specify ozone output but not ion output).

The NIP-6E Ion ProjectorTM is a genuine ion generator that produces a wide angle beam of negatively charged ions. Ions are ejected out from a unique stainless steel ion emitter that will not erode over time.
Unlike most other ionizers, our negative ion generators produce negative ions externally. Not only does this ensure maximum ion production, it eliminates the need for fans or any moving parts. Because air does not flow through our ionizers, there are no ugly vents or screens that get dirty and you never have to clean the inside. However, we must let you know that negative ionization will cause dust to settle on the device and surrounding area (which can just be wiped off).

My nine year old nephew, who took a mischievous delight in zapping others, would charge himself up with static electricity simply by placing his hand in front of the ion emitter. There is absolutely nothing else quite like it. We even throw in a free ion detector (see pictures) so you can be sure that the unit is generating lots of negative ions.

Negative Ion Projector (A True Negative Ion Generator / Air Ionizer)

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