Oreck RAIRP XL-Professional Factory Serviced Air Purifier

 Oreck RAIRP XL-Professional Factory Serviced Air Purifier Buy Now on Amazon.com

Oreck RAIRP XL-Professional Factory Serviced Air Purifier was listed on Amazon for $154.99, selling for  USD brand new. Manufactured by Trademark GLB. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Truman Cell six-stage filtration system to capture particles
  • 3-speed unit to suit virtually any cleaning need
  • Silence Technology for quiet operation
  • Collector Cell Light – Turns red when the Truman Cell needs cleaning
  • Fragrance Tray – Holds the scent cartridge to provide option fragrances to the air returned to the room

Truman Cell 6-Stage Filtration System Oreck has spent years developing the Truman Cell. This breakthrough technology can capture and kill many airborne allergens you might be breathing right now in your home. It can clean, freshen and circulate the air in a 600 sq. ft. area every hour, capturing many bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, even cigarette smoke and other odors. Including those caused by pets, cooking and toxic chemical fumes such as paint smells and off gases from new rugs, which can contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen. It also helps remove many airborne allergens. It will do it quietly, thanks to Oreck’s own Silence Technology, while using as little energy as an ordinary light bulb. Plus, unlike other purifiers, the Oreck XL doesn’t require costly replacement filters. It has a permanent filter that is washable. Simply rinse the filter as often as you like and it’s as good as new. This factory serviced Oreck XL Professional Table Top Series Air Purifier is designed with Truman Cell technology to capture allergens and other particles that pass into the filter.

Oreck RAIRP XL-Professional Factory Serviced Air Purifier

Buy Now on Amazon.com

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